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Chapter News 2010-11

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DELTA, New York University (1837)


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ZETA, Dartmouth College (1842)


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LAMBDA, Columbia University (1842)


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PSI, Hamilton College (1843)

The Hamilton's Men's Ice Hockey team's roster is filled with Psi chapter brothers. The team made Hamilton athletic history by finishing the season in first place in the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC). Even though there were not many, home games were great times for the brothers, current alumni, and prospective members to come together and cheer their brothers on. The brothers came to every home game they could to energize and root for their brothers.

In early February, alumni came back to Hamilton for Alumni Weekend. The alumni were treated to two great hockey games as well as a reception for brothers, young and old, after the game on Saturday. Current brothers could catch up with old friends and meet alumni they had never met before, while prospective future brothers could meet the great alumni network associated with the Psi chapter.

Joseph Houk, class of 2014, received numerous recognitions from the NESCAC during the hockey season. During the season, Houk received Player of the Week honors twice. The defenseman finished the season as the third leading scorer in the conference and finished with most goals (18) since Gus Katsuras '05. At the end of the season, Houk was named to the first team All-NESCAC and NESCAC Player of the Year, the first Hamilton player to do so since Katsuras did it twice in his tenure at Hamilton.

The following brothers made Dean's List in the fall semester: Joseph Buicko '11, Sam Cowen '11, Nick Wiggins '11, Zach Pych '11, Brandon Broad '12, Bryan Kelly '12, and Blair Lalonde '12.

Mark Donovan '11 served as chapter president for the past year. Mark served as archon, during a challenging time for Greek Life on the Hamilton campus. He served on the school's ISC committee, as a mediator between Greek Life and the college administration.

Nick Wiggins, a former hockey player, was diagnosed with vertigo during his junior year. For the remainder of the season, Nick stayed with the team and contributed in any way he could. This year, Nick was the team's manager and did an exceptional job. He did everything from book meal and hotel reservations to distributing equipment to the players to even being the DJ during home games. His passion for the game and his service to the program allowed his to be a key contributor to the success of the hockey team.

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XI, Wesleyan University (1843)

Semiannual Public Service Dinner - We host a dinner for local public service officers (firemen, police officers, campus public safety officers, local politicians/officials, emergency management services) once a semester. The event serves to honor the work they do for our community, and it connects us to Middletown. The dinner in the spring was held in the honor of recently retired fire marshal, Lewis LaRosa.

Winchester Award Dinner – An annual award presented to a faculty member who best combines the Psi Upsilon virtues and scholarly work with a passion for teaching in a way that benefits individual Wesleyan students as well as the campus community as a whole. This year the award was given to Professor Michael B. Nelson of the Government department.

President Roth Leadership Conference – Wesleyan's president, Michael Roth, held a leadership conference in the chapter house for brothers and campus leaders. Discussion topics included what makes a good leader, and how to improve one's leadership skills.

Academic Forum – An annual forum held at the chapter house designed to encourage the pursuit of wisdom by all members of Wesleyan's campus. This year the prompt was "How will the change in the makeup of Congress in light of the recent mid-term elections affect the Democrats' ability to push policy over the remaining two years of the Obama presidency?" It was discussed by professors Elvin Lim and Marc Eisner of the Government department.

Jeremy Isard '11 - High Honors on Thesis, Received a Fellowship and Residency for the College of the Environment Think Tank

Max Perel-Slater '11 - Government Department's Christopher Brodigan Award for Philanthropic work on the African continent award winner, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Departments Scott Fund Award for innovative projects

Matthew Alexander '12 - College of Letters Short Story Prize awarded to the Wesleyan student who has written the best short story of the year

Noah Schlesinger '13 - Academic All-Nescac (Soccer)

John Whit Chiles '13 - Argus (Wesleyan Newspaper) Sports Editor, Appointed to the Honor Board, Dean's List

Steven Heckel '11 - Honors on Thesis

James Hounsell '11 - Phi Beta Kappa, Horace White, Jr. Prize for Excellence in Economics, Academic All-Nescac (Baseball)

Adam Forbes '13, Graham Richman '13, Mark Hellerman '12 - Dean's List

Ian Park '11 (Co-Chair, Fall Semester) , Jeremy Koegel '12 (Co-Chair, Spring Semester), Frederick Maynard '11, Adrian Hernandez '11 - Student Judicial Board

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UPSILON, University of Rochester (1858)


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PHI, University of Michigan (1865)


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OMEGA, University of Chicago (1869)

In the fall we were able to put a plaque commemorating brother Jay Berwanger '36, the first Heisman trophy winner, above our fireplace. This was a very special event; we were able to bring in the athletic director of the school as well as several alumni to the house in order to celebrate this event. It is a very popular plaque, when people come to the house to visit it they always make sure to take a picture underneath it.

We also hosted a BBQ and private party for alumni during the 100th annual Inter-fraternity Sing competition and alumni weekend at the University of Chicago. Included in the BBQ was an alumni vs. active softball game. This was a very fun day where the alumni could bond with the younger brothers and share stories of when they lived in the house.

Stephen Sunderman '12 a newly initiated brother is a Student Marshall for Economics. This award is given to the students with the highest GPA's in their respective majors.

In Athletics Alexander Clifford '11 received the MVP award for soccer and Troy Brinker '12 received the MVP award for tennis. William Zhang '11 qualified for the tennis NCAA tournament for his play in singles.

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PI, Syracuse University (1875)

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CHI, Cornell University (1876)

During the fall semester, the Chi hosted the first annual Mark Von Bucher Memorial soccer tournament. Mark Von Bucher '12 passed away last year from a tragic ski accident. Mark was an avid and talented soccer player who started on the club team. To honor Mark and his passion for the game, we brought together 50 teams to play in the 3-on-3 tournament.

The tournament drew tremendous support from members of the Cornell community. Marks parents, Eric and Patty, who remain close with many Psi U brothers, were in attendance. The Buchers were touched by the level of support that the event generated, and enjoyed reconnecting with some of Mark's close friends. All proceeds were given to Mark's family, who donated the money in Mark's honor to Lollypop Farm, an organization that the Buchers work with regularly. The event was a success because it gave brothers the opportunity to honor Mark and celebrate one of his many talents. It was also a great experience for his parents, who were smitten by all of the support and good will.

Andrew Barnell '11 - The Merrill Presidential Scholars Program: Since 1988, the Merrill Presidential Scholars Program has honored Cornell University's most outstanding graduating seniors on the eve of their graduation, while also recognizing the teachers who have played a significant role in ensuring their success. This unique program was created by the late Philip Merrill '55 and is made possible through annual support from the Merrill Family Foundation.

Academic Excellence Award:
Exceptional academic achievement in the Applied Economics and Management major.

Bert Barnes '11 - Bert is a senior and remarkable brother who served as the Steward and Sergeant. As Sergeant, Bert organized six brotherhood events and our annual Christmas secret Santa.

Jeff Pontell '14 - A newly initiated brother, Jeff has already demonstrated tremendous service to the University. Jeff helped to organize and promote a mental health dinner on campus. The dinner brought together leaders from around campus in an open forum to discuss mental health issues on campus.

Jesse Bendit '13 -Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity

Ian Edelson '13 -Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity

CJ Grey '13 - Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity

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BETA BETA, Trinity College (1880)

We hosted an American Red Cross blood drive in February that once again exceeded our goal amount of donated blood. Beta Betas organized every aspect of the blood drive from advertising the event all the way to reminder phone calls/emails and setting up and staffing the sign-in and snack tables. Several Beta Betas did also donate their own blood during the drive.

Kevin Collins '11 was selected as one of two students to be recognized at the state house for his service to the college. Mark McGrath '11 and Jarrod Rodriguez '12 volunteer at MD Fox Elementary School in Hartford. Samuel Grossman has continued his leadership with the Trinity College Entertainment Activities Council (EAC), and Daniel Pelo '12 has joined the Student Government Association with hopes of providing better student leadership on campus.

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ETA, Lehigh University (1884)

Brotherhood retreat: In the fall nearly all the brothers of the Eta participated in a brotherhood retreat led by El Halsey, Delta '58. The retreat was held at a nearby YMCA camp and lasted all weekend. Brothers gained a deeper understanding of the meaning of brotherhood, their responsibilities as a brother, as well as valuable conflict resolution skills.

Movember: The Eta participated in Movember along with many other chapters of Psi Upsilon. Most of the brothers of the Eta participated and regularly updated photos of their 'staches. The Eta chapter raised the most money ($2,100) out of all the chapters of Psi Upsilon.

Dan Coviello '13: Service Above Self Award- Lehigh University 2011 Student Life Leadership Awards, Newman Civic Fellow - part of 135 students nationwide that exemplify service

Peter Weigel '13: Curtis J. Retke Scholarship Recipient.

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TAU, University of Pennsylvania (1891)

On March 31st, Dr. Sam Fager '81, the Tau's long time house adviser, was awarded the Outstanding Fraternity Advisor Award at the University's Greek Awards.

Dr. Fager represents the continuity of the Castle. Dr. Fager knows every brother that has graduated over the past thirty or so years. He has been with the house through good times and not-so-good-times. Regardless of the period, he has remained the one constant. Today, he has linked brothers from the different years together. Dr. Fager has been a tremendous resource in re-invigorating alumni support that was previously lost. What he has done to re-fuse the fragmented groupings of Psi Upsilon brothers together and galvanize our Alumni base is just one of his many contributions.

Dr. Fager described the ceremony as "the best day of his life." The fact that every single undergraduate attended the award ceremony exemplifies how much we value his incredible support. We are thrilled that the University has finally recognized Dr. Fager. In this light, we mounted his award plaque in our chapter room to show the future brothers of the Tau how much Dr. Fager has done for our brotherhood.

One of our chapter's biggest achievements this semester was to launch a speaker series for the brothers. We were delighted to host Anthony Cambeiro, the ex-president of our chapter's Trust Association, who came to speak to us on several occasions about hedge funds and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, we were elated to have Timothy Childers, the Sheldon and Lucy Hackney Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, come speak to us. Professor Childers is the winner of a number of awards for his work in the classroom, including the Best Lecturer in the Humanities (2004). Professor Childers' book Wings of Morning, recounts the story of the crew of the last American bomber to be shot down over Germany in World War II. The book is particularly relevant to the history of our brotherhood, as a Tau brother is one of the central characters on board. This alumnus perished that day along with Professor Childers' uncle, who was also aboard the airplane.

Charles Patten '13 was awarded this year's Henry B. Poor, Gamma '39 Award. This is a great honor for our house and for Charles, whose continued efforts in rush and as treasurer have strengthened our brotherhood. As treasurer, Charles has been instrumental in helping the chapter cut costs and moving toward online payments.

After helping the Tau receive a $50,000 grant from the University's Green Fund to reduce our chapter house's consumption of energy, Lambros Theofanidis '12 has continued to demonstrate outstanding service to the Fraternity and the community. He is a Big Brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in West Philadelphia. He spends an hour each week running track or playing basketball with his little, a 6th grader. He has done this for 14 weeks this semester. He also worked with Thoba Grenville-Grey '14, who has now become the chapter's representative for the Greek Eco-Reps program.

This year, at least 5 of our undergraduates, including Franz Hoerhager '13, Andrew Fu '13, Adam Saven '12, Alex Friedlander '12, and Arnaud Cohade '11 were put on the University's Dean List for their outstanding academic results and pursuit of academic excellence.

Additionally, 3 of our juniors, Ryan Williams '12, Aaron Marbley '12, and David Gogel '12, were invited to join the Order of Omega, one of the University's prestigious senior honor societies. They will be joining the ranks of several seniors, including Max Dewez '11, Bill Roegge '11, Nick Gorsky '11, and Oliver Oxenbridge '11.

As for our seniors, 12 of them have secured jobs in banking and consulting starting in the fall. Bill Roegge '12 will be attending law school.

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OMICRON, University of Illinois (1910)

The Omicron has, in recent years, made great strides to improve rush success and to bring higher numbers of quality young men to the chapter. The fall pledge class started out at a historic 31 pledges, yet only 19 of them were successfully initiated. Despite this major drawback, brothers regained composure for the spring rush period. As a result of a revamped rush and pledge period, the Omicron initiated the largest spring class in its history, initiating 13 new Psi U's, compared to four the year before. The class included the chapter's first transfer pledge who hailed from the Epsilon Nu chapter at Michigan State.

The Omicron alumni association has been generous and ardent in the work towards the physical state of the house. The Centennial Grill Project completed during summer 2010 has helped to revamp our Homecoming celebrations as well as rush events. The alumni are now working on a landscaping project to start in July 2011, which will highlight the best features of the physical house and make the house even more aesthetically pleasing.

Tom Scriba '13 was a project leader for the association Engineers Without Borders, which reaches out to serve the less fortunate in other countries. He will be continuing his position as a project leader this year as well.

Heath Reising '14 was the Technical Projects Chair for the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics last year and will be again this year.

Alex Munaretto '12 received a score within the 99.7th percentile on his Dental Admission Test.

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THETA THETA, University of Washington (1916)

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ZETA ZETA, University of British Columbia (1935)

One of our chapter's most memorable achievements of the year was our annual Movember philanthropy event. This year, brothers of our chapter grew moustaches to raise money for Prostate Cancer Canada. In addition, our chapter co-hosted the Movember Milk Boat Racer and Wax-athon event. The event consisted of a moustache competition and a milk drinking competition (milk moustaches). At the end of the month, our chapter raised $910 for the cancer research fund. Not only did we raise money for Prostate Cancer Canada as a part of our philanthropic work, we gained recognition within our campus' Greek community.

Archon Chris Bartsch '11, 1st and 2nd Angelos, Aaron Thomson '11 and Kyle Foster '11, all put in work beyond what was expected of them in planning the many events throughout the year. These events included rush, the pledging process, our philanthropy events and social events. In addition, our rush chairman, Jesse Newmarch '11, demonstrated outstanding work by bringing a large, strong and quality group of new brothers to the chapter. Our house manager, Julian Sobkow '11, also showed a remarkable amount of dedication by often working late into the nights making sure the house is receiving the best tenants and that our building remains in great shape.

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EPSILON NU, Michigan State University (1943)

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GAMMA TAU, Georgia Institute of Technology (1970)

For the 2010-11 school year, the Gamma Tau chapter placed an increased emphasis on philanthropy and community service, and also worked to improve both new member education and continuing education for brothers. Our brotherhood has also had great success in academics this year, with the active brotherhood maintaining an average 3.04 GPA in the fall, a slight improvement over the previous spring's performance. Many members of our chapter have been accepted into various honors societies and highly-competitive academic programs at Georgia Tech.

The Gamma Tau chapter hosted a celebration of its 40th Anniversary, an event which saw the return of the chapter's founding members to the campus. Additionally, the Psi Upsilon Society of Georgia (PUSOG), the chapter's alumni association, ran a campaign for donations that led to the complete renovation of the chapter house's upstairs bathroom, which had been in need of improvements and repairs for some time.

David Hollis '11 was elected vice president of ΠΜΕ, Georgia Tech's mathematics honor society, and is also a nominee for the CETL/BP Outstanding Teaching Assistant award.

Lee Stokes '12, Jessie Newman '13, and Andrew Vaziri '13 were all accepted into the Steven A. Denning Technology and Management Program, a competitive new academic program sponsored by Georgia Tech's College of Management.

Talia Knapp '13 is currently serving on Georgia Tech's Interfraternity Council as a member of the Scholarship Committee, and has been instrumental in the restructuring of our chapter's educational programming. She has also been a recipient of the Boeing Scholarship.

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CHI DELTA, Duke University (1973)

Our chapter was the first to achieve 100% 1833 Club membership.

Additionally, our chapter had a record number of scholarship applicants for the Psi Upsilon Foundation scholarship. And once again, our chapter was awarded four of the 19 Psi Upsilon Foundation scholarships granted or 2011-12. The winners were Lisa Gutermuth '12, Chris Kizer '12, Mandy Lowell '12, and Dani Schocken '12.

This past Homecoming and Alumni Weekend, we reached out to a much broader spectrum of alumni than we usually do. We were able to reconnect with some of our chapter's first brothers during Homecoming, and saw them again over Alumni Weekend, when we had double the normal number of attending alumni.

Two of our brothers were initiated into the Order of Omega honor society - Chris Kizer and Mandy Lowell.

Three of our brothers are graduating with distinction or high distinction: Tina Del Carpio '11, Misha Lavrov '11, and Eng Seng Ng '11.

Eng Seng Ng was named a Pratt Fellow and Grand Challenge Scholar, and also served on the executive board for Duke's chapter of the Order of Omega honor society.

Several of our brothers were awarded with Summer Research Fellowships to do research over the coming summer. These brothers include Molly Cinderella '12, Alyssa Fowers '13, Mandy Lowell, Bowen Niu '12, and Dani Schocken '12.

Megan Heysham '11, Tina Del Carpio, and Sterling Dorminey '12 were on the Deans' List.

Tina Del Carpio also received a Molly Glander award.

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EPSILON IOTA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1982)

This year a large number of our brothers graduated, leaving many younger and less experienced brothers to run the fraternity. Most of our members were either newly initiated brothers, or no older than sophomores. A great deal of the continued success of our chapter can be credited to the involvement of our alumni. They are always there to help out when needed without solving the problems themselves, so the current brotherhood will learn how to deal with similar problems in the future. Another big project was keeping up with new housing regulations that were required of all fraternities on campus this year, which we have been easily accomplishing.

Emily DeLarme '14 - She pledged our fraternity her first semester as a freshman on campus with a huge class load and was able to achieve a 4.0 GPA and still have time to contribute to the chapter and push others to do their best academically and is currently the house's scholarship chair.

Eric Collins '13 - He is currently holding three positions, and tries to be involved as possible in any problem the fraternity encounters.

Timothy Tusing '11 - He has helped out a remarkable amount in all areas around the house and has worked tirelessly to make sure all of the chapter's documents are worded as best as they can be. His work has greatly improved clarity of many of these documents making sure that there will be no problems for anyone reading them in the future.

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PHI DELTA, University of Mary Washington (1996)

We hold an annual event at the beginning of the spring semester where a large number of our alumni come back to Fredericksburg for an alumni vs. undergrad football game. To take it from a level of just a pick-up game to something more organized, we hire two refs to keep us to the rules and restrictions we set. After the game we had a get together at a tavern that we rented for the afternoon and hung out. It was a good bonding experience and helped to introduce the alumni to all the new members since the previous year. Altogether it was a success as it was a full day dedicated to hanging out with a large number of alumni, which gave us an opportunity to connect with them and improve our all-around ties with our alumni.

Another event in which we strove to excel was our efforts at raising money for the Relay for Life event held at our school this spring. We enlisted the help of every undergrad member and many alumni to help us to become the top money raising team at the event with over $8,500 raised. As well as raising the money for the event, we helped organize an "energy drink pong" tournament for participants at midnight during the event (as it lasts 12 hours) and every brother participated in the event throughout the day, as well as some alumni. It was a great opportunity for us to prove our position as a fraternity as something more substantial than the other organizations at Mary Washington, and as we come into some level of recognition by the school, it was a great step towards positive relations with our school.

Jesse Lynch '14, Josh Lemmert '12, Max Krupp '11, and Matt Dudek '12 all were organizers of our team for Relay for Life which raised over $8500 this year.

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LAMBDA SIGMA, Pepperdine University (1998)

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ALPHA OMICRON, New Jersey Institute of Technology (1999)

We volunteered over 100 hours to New Jersey's Operation Shoebox, a non-profit organization that makes and ships care packages to US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. A group of brothers drove up to Manville, NJ where we started by helping the members of Opertion Shoebox and their families unload a truck filled with sorted items to send to the troops. We created an assembly line to fill care packages with pens and pads of paper, candy, toiletries (male and female), bug spray, sun block and much more. We filled over 200 boxes and loaded the truck up.

The entire day was a great experience; we talked to members of Operation Shoebox who have been volunteering their time for more than five years and family members, young and old, of troops over in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we needed a break from packing boxes we sat down at the table to sign a large poster or create individual cards to the troops.

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SIGMA PHI, St. Francis University (2007)

The chapter regained its number-one ranking amongst the fraternities at Saint Francis in the fall with a 3.34 GPA while the average male Greek GPA was a 3.16 and the non-Greek male student population was a 2.95. This was an excellent achievement for the chapter, because our academic standing is something we pride ourselves on at the Sigma Phi as well as is one of the aspirations of being a member of Psi Upsilon (intellectual excellence). The 3.4 GPA was a chapter record above any other previous Greek academic standings.

The week of February 21st, was a huge week for the Sigma Phi Chapter. It was in this week that we hosted two very different Philanthropy events as well as had a notable event in the Greek Life Community at Saint Francis. The first was the participation in the ONE Shirt National Clothing drive from February 21st-23rd. During this event, brothers hung flyers as well as made Facebook blasts to the Saint Francis and surrounding communities. The chapter set up approximately ten collection points for the event. The clothing drive was met with great success and a final pound amount of clothing was hard to calculate because students, faculty, staff and administration continued to donate clothing in the week and a half after the clothing drive was over. The clothing was donated in its entirety to Goodwill.

February 24th we hosted our annual Psi Upsilon Walk-A-Day event. This event is a mirror of the national movement of Walk-A-Day-In-Her-Shoes to raise awareness of domestic abuse. In this event, our brothers as well as our new members who were still in the pledging period joined in wearing high heels for the day. We added to the event this year by asking four sororities at Saint Francis to join us for the event. The main event of the day was held at noon, when all of the brothers and participating sorority sisters assembled outside of one of the main administration buildings on the main mall. It was at this time and place a local newspaper took pictures of the brothers and interviewed Curtis Webb '11, chapter public relations chairman. Upon completion of the pictures, the brothers led the other participants in a lap around the main mall of campus and then led the group into the dining hall where the brothers continued wearing their heels as they ate their lunch.

The day was also filled with dozens of mini-events in every class that brothers were in. The brothers stood up in every class they had that Thursday and read a short message about domestic abuse that Eric Sepich '11. The day was capped off with several brothers and our new members dorm storming (going door to door in every dorm asking for donations). During the dorm storm the brothers and new members continued wearing their heels.

It was also on that Wednesday evening that Greek Life at Saint Francis held its annual "Airband" which is an event that primarily the pledges from the various Greek organizations and volunteering brothers perform skits, dancing routines, songs and/or talents. The Sigma Phi chapter blew the roof off the auditorium with its final act of the "Glow Dance". The dance can be viewed at Youtube via "Psi Upsilon Glow Dance at Saint Francis". This final performance acted as a "we are back" statement by the chapter. This was the first time the Chapter has participated in the event in three semesters. Curtis Webb Jr. '11 - "The PR guy" Curtis has been a valuable asset to the Chapter in almost every category of day to day operations. He helps compose many of our campus wide email and Facebook correspondence as well as constructs all of our visual promotions of events. Curtis also served as our chapter photographer and always made an effort to come to various events whether it be chapter- led or something as simple as a flag football game several brothers were playing in. Curtis also served as the chapter webmaster. He constructed and maintained the chapter website found at www.ThePsiU.Com.

Anthony Dzikowski '12 - Serves at the second angelos of the chapter, but also serves as the "Service Liaison" if you will. He is the brother who plays an intricate role in every philanthropic event the chapter organizes or participates in. It is thanks to brother Dzikowski that the chapter is able to organize/ participate in every philanthropic event possible.

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DELTA NU, Keene State College (2009)

The alumni reunion this semester was likely one of the most memorable as we were able to get a wide range of brothers from the 80's to classes that had graduated in the years of the decade. The event was a great moment for old and new brothers alike to connect and reminiscence on how different things may be around us technologically, but how they remain the same in the end, as we are all brothers.

Likewise, this semester we also put through one of the largest pledge classes in recent history.

Additionally, one of our favorite moments as a chapter was in our enthusiastic support of the Relay for Life at Keene State, which all brothers participated in. This was a semester of many challenges for the chapter as we fought to be the most improved Greek Organization on campus, updated our bylaws, and many other things.

Cara Bedore '11 has gone above and beyond any community service expectations, especially in her dedicated commitment to the ACCESS Program (All Children Cared for Educated Supported and Successful). Her diligent work over the years, as well as all of her hours, has given many children a chance to attend one of the best afterschool programs in the country, a program that emphasizes "academic and wellness" (Keene Sentinel 1/31/11) for free, because of her volunteer work.

Danielle Felitto '11 raised nearly $1,000 for the major community service event on Keene State campus, the Relay For Life, which when combined with other brothers efforts raised the most money of any organization on campus. Danielle was also initiated into the Psychology Honor Society.

Brian Watson '11 was initiated into Phi Alpha Theta and Sigma Tau Delta, the history and English honor societies, as well as the Order of Omega, a Greek honor society.

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PHI NU, Christopher Newport University (2010)

The Phi Nu chapter of Psi Upsilon held our first formal at the Omni Hotel in Newport News, VA on April 15, 2011. The hotel provided a lovely dinner, which was followed by our first end of the year awards ceremony. Several alumni joined us for the dinner, the awards ceremony, and the night of dancing that followed.

The Phi Nu also participated in the Red Cross’s "Dressed Down Under the Sea” event for the second consecutive year. The proceeds of this silent auction were donated to the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Red Cross. Held on April 29, 2011, the Phi Nu helped raise over $90,000, the majority of which went to the victims of tornados in the southern United States.

Benjamin Gittinger ‘11, a graduating senior and a founding father of the Phi Nu, has been very influential in our chapter’s growth and development. He has served on all three of our executive boards, occupying the position of thesauristes during his sophomore and junior years. During his senior year he was the president of Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity, while serving simultaneously as the Phi Nu’s grammateus. Under Ben’s guidance, the Iota Pi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi earned over 100,000 points on their annual chapter report. With only 3% of chapters earning this designation, it is a tremendous honor that personifies Ben’s leadership ability. He was also a finalist for the Dean’s Service Award for his dedication to philanthropy. Ben accomplished all of the while earning a cumulative GPA of 3.11.

George Ruddy ‘11, a graduating senior and founding father of the Phi Nu chapter, has been a steadfast contributor to the fraternity since its inception. He served two consecutive terms as 2nd angelos, played for the varsity lacrosse team, and was a tutor for the physics department. He also interned at Jefferson Labs in Newport News, VA, where he created a unique cloud program for studying particle accelerator data. His excellence in extracurricular activities was also accompanied by a cumulative GPA of 3.3, which granted him acceptance into the College of William and Mary for graduate studies.

Paul Kerley ‘11, a graduating senior and founding father of the Phi Nu chapter, received the Usley Award from the CNU History Department for having the best history senior seminar presentation.

Colin Pearce ‘11, a graduating senior and founding father of the Phi Nu chapter, received the military history research paper award, which is presented by the CNU History Department and the Virginia war museum.

Brothers who made the Dean’s List: Anthony Baranik ‘14, Matthew Batdorf ‘12, Benjamin Gittinger, Kolby Hoover ‘13, George Ruddy, John Potthast ‘13.

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GEORGIA STATE COLONY, Georgia State University

The colony had a team building retreat in which all members and the alumni advisor went to the woods for the weekend to discuss future goals and the direction we would like to see our Colony grow. We, as a colony, came up with several different recruiting tools and several different short-term and long-term goals for ourselves while bonding as a colony for the first time. It was very beneficial and we plan on making these a requirement yearly.

Our Relay for Life fundraising goal was one thousand dollars and we, as a colony, managed to raise $1,135 for the American Cancer Society. The donations are still open until August, so if you would like to donate please visit: Our team walked for twelve hours to fulfill the rest of the requirements for the American Cancer Society's Relay and it made our colony stronger to know that we were working to help a greater good.

Our plans for the summer are to recruit as much as possible and work out a way to become recognized as a club at Georgia State University. The IFC rejected us as a fraternity on campus, so we must find other ways to recruit. We have already recruited three new members by word of mouth and we have at least four other interested people who would like to join. We were thinking of forming a gaming club on campus and maybe pooling from that. We are also thinking of doing other philanthropy events and we are planning for those as well as booking next year's calendar.

Drew Crosby '12 was promoted to captain of the rugby team on campus.

Emily Scherer '12 was elected as general publicity chair on the Players' of GSU Board (theatre).

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