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Chapter News 2008-09

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GAMMA, Amherst College (1841)

Homecoming Weekend saw a return of many Gammas, young and old, to the Amherst campus. The Chapter hosted a tailgate tent at the football game with food and drink to cater to the Gamma alumni and undergraduates.

Nine first year students were initiated in early April, and they were introduced to the Gamma Corporation shortly thereafter. The Spring Gamma Corporation meeting was held at 30 Railroad Street for the first time. The meeting kicked off a night followed by an alumni attended GOTE and an evening of socializing. The opportunity for Corporation members and Undergraduates to socialize was a worthwhile and truly enjoyable experience, and an event we plan to continue for future Corporation meetings.

Several of this year's seniors completed theses. Alison Munzer '09 spent the year writing a political science honors thesis about the shortcomings of the American prison system, comparing our system to the prison systems of Scandinavian countries. Laura Vincent '09 wrote an honors thesis in Economics about the Danish welfare state and how immigration affects the generosity of the system. Claire Holton-Basaldua '09 wrote a cross-cultural comparison of intimate partner violence legislation in the US and South Africa from a feminist perspective. Taylor Brown '09 completed a fine arts thesis, choosing sculpture as his medium.

Graduating seniors are pursuing a wide range of endeavors. Brad Corbin '09 and Caki Guinee '09 will begin their careers at Lazard Freres. Alison Munzer '09 and Lia Tsarnas '09 will both enter the world of education before pursuing other career plans. Alison will join Teach for America in Los Angeles and Lia will teach English in Paris. Claire Holton-Basaldua '09 will work for the Fund for the Public Interest in Philadelphia.

Many brothers studied abroad this year, and will next year, in places such as Madrid, Rome, Sydney, London, Buenos Aires, and Kenya.

Brothers will be interning in large numbers this summer, at places such as the Lincoln Center, the Federal Reserve, Citigroup, the office of New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Goldman Sachs, the Steppingstone Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, law firms, film sets, and many other exciting places.

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ZETA, Dartmouth College (1842)

During the Summer Term, The cumulative house GPA was 3.66, which was the highest GPA among Dartmouth's Greek organizations for the Summer Term and the highest summer term GPA of any fraternity in 15 years. 6 out of 30 brothers on campus achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA and an additional 5 brothers achieved a GPA above 3.75.

During the Fall Term the cumulative house GPA was 3.45, the 3rd highest among fraternities on campus. 3 out of 60 brothers on campus achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA and an additional 10 brothers achieved a GPA above 3.75.

During the Winter Term the cumulative house GPA was 3.51, which was the highest GPA of any fraternity. 5 out of 44 brothers on campus achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA and an additional 9 brothers achieved a GPA above 3.75.

Brace '11 is now President of the Inter Fraternity Council. Brother Nutt '11 is on the Board of Directors for the Dartmouth Coalition of Global Health and is an Outdoor Leadership Experience Mentor.

Brother Murphy '11was named a Rockefeller Scholar and given a college grant to intern at The Charles Group, and is a member of the Dartmouth Investment & Philanthropy Program. Brother Antal '11 is a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship for research. Brother Chu '11 was named a member of Dartmouth's prestigious Green Key Honor Society. Brother Haley '11 is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, a national academic honors organization, for his academic accomplishments. Brother Seebacher '11 received the Phillip R. Jackson Award for outstanding erformance in the field of Engineering.

Brother Nutt '11 is on the Board of Directors for the Dartmouth Coalition of Global Health and is an Outdoor Leadership Experience Mentor. Brother Brown '11 was elected "Mr. Big Green” for his involvement in numerous organizations on and off campus and his outward school spirit.

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LAMBDA, Columbia University (1842)

Each week the brothers, local alums, pledges, and other potentials collectively organized recreational football to enjoy the day together and bond as a fraternity.

Alumni Chair, Brother Timm Baur '10, planned a successful Homecoming for alumni of the Lambda Chapter on October 4, 2008. The post-game barbecue at the house was a success, with several alumni (ranging from the class of 1967 to the class of 2008) and their families stopping by.

Brother Mike Wymbs was elected to the Engineering Student Council as the Academic Affairs Representative.

Brother Ethan Brovman '09 graduated magna cum laude from Columbia College and also as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He will be starting medical school at the University of California--Los Angeles this fall. Brother Eric Lukas '09 graduated from Columbia College with departmental honors from the Columbia University Department of History. He also won the 2009 Chanler Prize for his senior thesis, which is awarded "for the best essay submitted by a Columbia College senior on a topic dealing with the history of American civil government." He will be attending the University of Oxford this fall as a Doctorol Fellow while reading for a Masters of Philosophy in International Relations. Brother Roman Stolper '09 graduated from the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science. He will be pursuing a master's degree this fall in computer science from Cornell University.

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PSI, Hamilton College (1843)

Gregory Casey '09 heads the Hamilton College Micro-Finance Organization. The Organization lends start-up capital to local businesses that are in need of funding. With the current economic environment, the organization is in high gear providing local commerce a chance at continued growth. Samuel Cowan '11 and Linus Walton '11 are the fundraising chairs that are currently organizing a fundraising dinner amongst Alumni, local businesses and the Hamilton College Career-Center. The dinner is to be held this coming fall.

Numerous Brothers made the Dean's List:
Buicko, Joseph D. '11, Cowan, Samuel W. '11, Walton Jr., Linus W '11, Wiggins, Nicholas C.'11, Blood, Travis D. '09, Casey, Gregory P. '09, Dolinsky, Kyle A. '09, Leslie, Jared S. '09, Freeman, Benjamin N. '10, Miller, Andrew B. '10, Wallace, Jerome A. '10, Higgins Jr., Daniel P. '12, Lalonde, Blair J. '12.

On May 28, a $1 million contribution from Proctor and Gamble CEO and Hamilton Board Chair A.G. Lafley, Psi '69 will help to establish an endowment for students with financial need.

The current graduating class was attributed many academic awards.Matthew Gordon Crowson '09 was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and graduated Cum Laude.

Kyle Adam Dolinsky '09 was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

Travis David Blood '09 was inducted into Psi Chi for Psychology and Neurology and also graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Gregory Patrick Casey was inducted into Omicron Delta Epsilon for Economics.

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XI, Wesleyan University (1843)

This year was a great year for the Xi. An impressive 40-foot flagpole was erected in front of the Xi to honor the memory of Warren "Rib" Hall '37. A flag that flew above the State Capital building in Washington, D.C. was donated to the Xi from Senator Chris Dodd's office. The flag honored Rib's memory and his service to the country during World War II. At the foot of the flagpole is a commemorative stone that reads "Above and Beyond” for Hall's dedication to the Xi. Funded by private donations from Xi alumni to honor Rib's legacy, the flagpole is a proud symbol of the faithful support and service that we find in countless alumni, and that we found with exemplary display through Rib's love of the Xi. At Homecoming in the fall, many Xi alumni returned for the memorial service held in Wesleyan's Memorial Chapel and the flagpole dedication at the Xi.

Furthermore, the Xi held an important academic forum on President Barack Obama's Hundred First Days. Professors Elvin Lim and Marc Eisner from the Government Department and Professor Barry Chernoff of the Environment Science Department joined brothers and a large group of students in the Xi chapter house to discuss Obama's young presidency. Pursuing the Xi's guiding virtue of encouraging true critical thinking, the academic forum served as an important exercise in our commitment to intellectual development.

Finally, each semester the Xi hosts a Public Service Dinner for the local firemen, policemen, and politicians. This year saw two very successful evenings dedicated to the recognition of the sacrifice that these brave men and women make for safety and betterment of our society. The Xi continues to be dedicated to the community, both on campus and in the city of Middletown.

The Xi had an enormous year on Wesleyan's campus. In student government, Charles Kurose '10, now entering his third year on the Student Budget Committee, was appointed chairman and will oversee the allocation of funds to student groups on campus.

David Goldman '12 was elected chairman of the Student Affairs Committee, addressing issues pertaining to residential life, student health services, alcohol and drug issues, campus climate, and fire safety.

Three Xis, Rick Maynard '11, Adrian Hernandez '11, and Ian Park '11 were appointed to the Student Judicial Board, the group that reviews infractions of the Code of Nonacademic Conduct and ensures that respect for the rules is upheld, and Ernest Sliwinski '10, in his second year on the board, was appointed chairman.

The Xi also contributed four newly elected members of the Wesleyan Student Assembly, David Goldman '12, Adam Illowite '12, Phil Ross '12, and Jeff Bizinkaukas '10.

Additionally, one of the Xi's continuing initiatives to contribute positively to the Wesleyan community is its involvement in the tourguiding program at Wesleyan. Currently, seven brothers are tour guides at Wesleyan. Eric Spierer '10, one of those seven, holds the highest position in the tourguiding program, being the Tour Guide Coordinator for all tour guides working for Wesleyan Admissions.

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UPSILON, University of Rochester (1858)

We participated in Scouting for Food. With the help of area scouts we gathered, sorted, and boxed almost 300 boxes of food for area food pantries. We also teamed with the Boy Scouts in Scout Sweep to clean Rochester. We participated in Relay for Life as well as raising over $500.

Brian Wilsey '09 Ryan Cherniak '09 Brian Wilsey '09 Mike Draheim '10 and Jon Klipfel '09 all were teaching assistants. Theodore Lambropolous '09 was a Math Tutor.

Ryan Cherniak '09 and Brian Krafchik '09 were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

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PHI, University of Michigan (1865)

This year, we held a large broomball tournament called Winterfest. There were two goals of the event. The first was to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. This charity is important to our local community because it provides temporary housing for families visiting patients of the University of Michigan Health System.

The second was to strengthen the connections between fraternities and sororities within our Greek system. We had eight fraternities and six sororities participate. Bringing all of these organizations together in honest competition, we hoped, would demonstrate the strength of our Greek system and our level of community involvement. Each house paid an entrance fee into the competition, and proceeds went directly to the Ronald McDonald House. We are pleased to announce that we raised $1,400 for the Ronald McDonald House.

We also had an article in the Michigan Daily, our local newspaper, describing the event and our contributions. Community wide events such as this have helped to improve the image of the Greek system on our campus.

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OMEGA, University of Chicago (1869)

Alumnus Chuck Werner won an Alumni Service Citation.

Luke Rodehorst '09 has won Howell Murray Alumni Association Award, Napier Wilt Award (Only person in the history of the University to have received this award twice), John Billings Fiske Poetry Prize, and the David Blair McLaughlin Essay Prize.

Mitch Salm '09 has won Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Award (Theater and Performance Studies).
Chris Boots '10 is a Student Marshall.

Mitch Salm '09 has won Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Award (Theater and Performance Studies).

Jan-Michael Guerra '10, Edgar Friloux '10, and Shezaad Zainulbhai '10 all have received prestigious Jeff Metcalf summer internships.

Alex Clifford '11, Sean Knightly '11, Patrick Kane '11, and Joe Walsh '11 are all involved in the Start-up not for profit organization National Coaching Fellows.

Evan Cudworth '09 wrote the play "Saliva Becomes Us," which was performed at a University theater. Morgan Maher '09 wrote "Tru West," which was also performed at a University Theater. Brothers Cudworth, Maher, Salm, and Dan Wiedenhaupt '10 all have been in various campus plays.

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PI, Syracuse University (1875)

On Saturday, August 30th we held a "Clam Bake," which was a social event that we held at our chapter house that was open to all Syracuse University/SUNY ESF students. We roped off the boundaries of our house with orange construction tape and set up three grills in the parking lot, which we cleared of all cars and debris the previous day. We charged $5 at the entrance to the parking lot. All proceeds (we raised $2,500 during this event) went to the USO.

Sam Lituchy, Pi '11, is a rising junior in our house who has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to our house. During Spring Break, while most of us were on vacation, he spent this time constructing three dining room tables. He stained and sealed the tables, which are now used daily by our brothers. He also supplied our house with three dozen new chairs for the dining room, an addition that was much needed. After joining the house in November, 2008, he has distinguished himself in this short period of time and was elected in April as 3rd Vice President of our house.

CHI, Cornell University (1876)

The 2008-2009 academic year has been a watershed in the history of the Chi chapter of Psi Upsilon. Broadly speaking, the past 10 months have been characterized by a reassessment of the Chapter's core values: determining what works, what does not work, and ultimately how to fortify each aspect of the fraternity to ensure the longevity and quality of the brotherhood. The primary agenda of our chapter was to first map out this plan of action for "righting the ship," and then putting this plan into action indefinitely. In doing so, some of the tangible challenges that the brotherhood faced in the past year were dealing with a reduction in the size of the membership, improving academic standards, increasing enthusiasm and creating a proactive culture throughout the brotherhood, and a full scale revamp of the new member education process.

Arguably the most difficult internal challenge faced by the chapter in the past year was dealing with a reduction in the size of the brotherhood. Consistent with the deactivation of our chapter this past summer, brothers were given the opportunity to apply for reinstatement to the Chi chapter on the basis that they would align themselves with the new direction of the fraternity. While daily tasks such as house clean ups and new member education would be more difficult with fewer members, this reinstatement process ensured that the brothers who would return to the house were of exceptional character and completely committed to restoring academic, philanthropic, and strong brotherhood standards. Thus, daily operations throughout the house seem to be done more efficiently and in an extremely timely fashion given that every member of the brotherhood understands the standard that is necessary to uphold, despite the lower overall numbers.

Additionally, the chapter has gone great lengths to improve its commitment to academics. In the past year, the Chi has experienced a tangible improvement from 39th to 8th in the Cornell fraternity GPA rankings. In a sense, one of our fraternity's most recognizable challenges in the past has become one of our greatest strengths. This can be attributed to the fact that the current brotherhood maintains an increased understanding of the importance of academic excellence. Accordingly, sacrifices have been made in the social realm in order to ensure that academics remain the chapter's first priority. In addition, the brotherhood has made great strides in ensuring that the house itself is a suitable place to study, keeping common areas such as the house library quiet during peak study hours.

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BETA BETA, Trinity College (1880)

The success for Beta Beta during the 2008-2009 academic year truly showed how much of a positive impact we have had on Trinity College. Our contributions to the Trinity College Community on and off campus are unmatched by any other student organization. We have members who are intricately involved in community service both on and off campus, students who maintain the highest academic standards of the college, and athletes who are among the best in their given sports. Individually all members have demonstrated great character and more importantly we have emerged collectively from a near tragedy as a stronger and more vibrant brotherhood.

During our annual Tropical Party in the fall, we suffered a devastating injury as Brother Alex Okano '10 fractured two vertebrate in his neck. As an individual, Alex Okano '10 faced perhaps the greatest challenge a young man can encounter, the loss of his freedom to move. Furthermore, we as one brotherhood faced the unexpected adversity of losing one of our most beloved brothers. Although this test seemed insurmountable, Alex has fought hard to regain his ability to walk. In an effort to learn from our past and to also honor the resilient Alex Okano '10, we took a different approach to our annual Spring Formal Concert. We held a dry concert with Otis Day N The Knights (band from Animal House "shout,” "Shamalama ding dong”) in our back yard. Over a thousand people attended and we donated all of our profits to the Craig Rehabilitation Center in Denver, Colorado. The Rehabilitation Center treated Alex and helped him beat the odds.

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ETA, Lehigh University (1884)

The Eta hosted a benefit band party for the Alpha Omicron chapter who recently suffered a fire in their chapter house. Eta alumnus Bob Alunni '05 who recently released his first album played in the parking lot with student groups opening. Local businesses were solicited for donations as well as food which was raffled off and sold at the event.

The Eta celebrated its Founder's day this year with a formal dinner. This event commemorated the 125th year of the Eta and the 100th year of the Eta's chapter house designed and built by Eta alumnus Theodore Visscher '89. Several important university officials were in attendance, including Lehigh President Alice Gast. The event took a lot of effort from the chapter and nearly every brother helped make the event a success, whether it was writing letters to guests, setting up, or cleaning up.

Eta brothers held leadership positions in organizations across the entire extracurricular spectrum this past year. Beta Alpha Psi accounting fraternity relied on Stu Schnabolk '09 and Nick Tessitore '10 as president and treasurer, respectively. Schnabolk '09 also served as a student leadership trainer with Alan Zaniewski '11.

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TAU, University of Pennsylvania (1891)

The Tau chapter's brotherhood dinners on Sunday provide the fraternity with an opportunity to host guest speakers. On April 26, Castle alum and Ambassador Robert Beecroft '62 and his wife spoke with our undergraduates. As one of our most distinguished alumni, Amb. Beecroft discussed his career in Foreign Service and his outlook for the future of US foreign policy. Many of the brothers who attended stayed long after dinner officially ended to continue talking with the Ambassador and his wife. We were extremely grateful to hear the Ambassador's commentary on a gamut of topics, ranging from what he thought of the Bush and Obama administrations to his own personal experiences as an ambassador and as an undergraduate brother.

Florian Hagenbuch-President, Wharton Finance Club, Director-General, Model UN, Penn Men's Club Soccer (Ivy League Champions 2007 & 2008), Awards: Dean's List (2006-07, 2007-08)

Lambros Theofanidis-Club Squash, elected to executive board for 2009-2010 academic year, Staff Photographer Daily Pennsylvanian, Member, Penn Environmental Group

Max Glass-Off The Beat, Business Manager/Alumni Chair/Vice President, Post Graduation: Accepted into UPenn Masters Program in Applied Positive Psychology

Akpo Omene-Board Member, United Minorities Council, Board Member, Black Students League ,Penn Men's Club Soccer

Alex Friedlander-Off the Beat, elected Business Manager for 2009-2010 academic year

Jeff Fronek-Member, Judicial Inquiries Board

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OMICRON, University of Illinois (1910)

Membership Dues and Fund Drives: Our chapter has enjoyed dramatic increases with our annual membership dues and fund drives. Typically, we had raised approximately $7,000 a year. However, we had been experiencing steady declines with only $4,738 raised in 2004. Starting in 2005, we instituted the "10/10 Challenge,” seeking at least a 10% increase from the previous year's total for the next ten years.

With the generous support of our members, we have met and exceeded our goal by raising the following amounts:
History of Membership Dues Donations:
2001 - $14,036
2002 - $6,887
2003 - $6,799
2004 - $4,738 & 62 donors

The 10/10 Challenge: Goal of 10% Increases for the next 10 Years:
Year 1: 2005 - $15,037 154 donors
Year 2: 2006 - $20,846 151 donors/177 donations - achieved goal
Year 3: 2007 - $28,693 144 donors/163 donations + $1,327 from Golf Outing - achieved goal
Year 4: 2008 - $25,341 141 donors/157 donations + $1,514 from Golf Outing – 81% towards goal
Year 5 of the "10/10” Challenge: Goal of $27,875 & 155 donors

We are now raising amounts similar to the annual funds of much larger fraternities on our campus.

Scholarship Grant Program. Under the leadership of former Alumni Board President Dean Marinakis '90, Alumni Board Secretary David Komie '92, and Archon Paul Palamattam '10, the Omicron Chapter implemented its Scholarship Grant Program, handing out four scholarships totaling $2,500 ($1,000 for the top winner) in the fall of 2008. These awards honored incoming freshmen who most closely demonstrated our fraternity's ideals of moral, intellectual, and social excellence. The SGP attracted applicants ranked top in their class, with perfect ACT scores, who were captains of their teams, or owners of their own businesses. It has become an excellent method of finding the top prospects in the freshman class, and we are proud to note that two brothers of our 2012 class, out of an applicant pool of 42, were recipients of scholarship awards. Moreover, the SGP helped focus our efforts in establishing a positive reputation on campus for our chapter as well as associating ourselves with men of talent, character, and achievement. In the interest of seeing our fellow chapters, we have begun working with the Pi Chapter to implement the Scholarship Grant Program at Syracuse University.

Under the leadership of Paul Palamattam '10 and Brad Dizonno '11 the Omicron Chapter doubled in size in the fall semester.

Beginning in 2005, we revamped both the style and content of our annual newsletter, The Omicron Arrow. Produced entirely in-house, the Arrow has been recognized not only as one of the best newsletters within all of Psi U, but on par with any other fraternity publication, many of whom employ the services of professional consultants. The Psi Upsilon Fraternity has distributed copies of our newsletter to our fellow chapters as an example to follow. Copies of our newsletter can be found by visiting our website.

In 2006, we launched our superb website at Alumni secretary Komie worked with board member John B. "Jay” McManus, Jr. '89 and web designer Shaun Talbot-Bowe on the design and later versions of the site. For the past 12 months, we have in excess of 478,000 hits (many coming during Homecoming season) as brothers have found the site a powerful tool in helping better communicate house events, programming, and news. It documents our rich history both on and off campus and provides a comprehensive look at the Omicron for rush purposes. In addition to providing biographies on many of our famous and prominent Omicron alumni, we have also highlighted The Psi Upsilon Foundation's myriad scholarship opportunities and linked with PayPal to assist with fundraising. Our Internships and Job Board page highlights brothers' resumes to link them with alumni in their field.

The most recent addition was an online application for our Scholarship Grant Program.
In light of the recession, our alumni have been seeking ways to aid the undergraduates. Borrowing a page from Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal program, the Paid Positions Incentive Program seeks to create positions in the house that will have a wage similar to a part time job. For example, we will now pay waiters to set our tables for dinner, and plate our food. We have also attached higher awards to our Active Actives scholarship seeks to recognize juniors and seniors for their active participation in house activities by rewarding each with a $1000 deduction off their housing contracts. This program is one of the many ways the Omicron is ensuring that the chapter will be able to thrive during any condition.

We proudly report that 20 Brothers received over a 3.5 GPA last semester. Of those, seven received over a 3.9 GPA (Brother Booton '11, Brother Corey '12, Brother Cukierski '09, Brother Lichtenberg '10, and Brother Wardein '11), while Brothers Hofreiter '11 and Alex Munaretto '12 received perfect 4.0's. Brother Palamattam '10 volunteered for the Obama campaign as intern and Student Outreach Director. Brother Palamattam '10 is also deputy director of the student wing of Governor Pat Quinn's reelection campaign. Brothers Dan Rubel '09 and Eric Senger '10 led their Shotokan Karate Club into organizing a fundraiser for a local charity.

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THETA THETA, University of Washington (1916)

Our annual convention brings several hundred Theta Theta's together every year and this year was no different. We had a huge turnout this year, thanks in part to the 2012 pledge class making sure to contact alumni and bring them out. It was a success because so many alumni are able to come back and donate to the chapter, and also because the local alumni association does a great job putting it all together.

The house underwent a significant remodel this past fall. Recarpeted the entire fraternity, repainted the interior, and made significant improvements to the aesthetics of the house's formal room. This was a success due to the hard work of the undergraduates and the fantastic contributions by the local alumni.

A great deal of remodeling coming this summer, including a complete reconstruction of 2 wings of the house, remodel of 2 bathrooms, and several other significant improvements to the chapter house. This will take the majority of the summer.

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EPSILON NU, Michigan State University (1943)

Our chapter worked closely with our alumni board to put together the annual Great Lakes Founders Day. A tradition for many years now, alumni from both the Epsilon Nu and Phi chapters met with a variety of brothers from the Epsilon Nu Chapter on John Chamberlain's EN '76 Detroit Princess for dinner on April 25, 2009 on the Detroit River in downtown.

Over the course of the past academic year, the brothers of the Epsilon Nu chapter have taken part in several activities both collectively as a house and as individuals. Several brothers were able to balance their academic course load, work, and brotherly duties. Greg Stein '10 was able to complete the full year with a perfect 4.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale while working on campus as a night receptionist supervisor in South Complex Dormitories.

Dylan Anderson '11 became a finalist for the Michigan State Packaging College Alumni Associations Scholarship beating out roughly 650 applicants and maintains a 3.9 GPA (of 4.0).
Past archon Brother Luke Grabowski '09 worked for Michigan Senator Hanson Clark for the entire academic year while successfully completing the LSAT and gaining acceptance to Florida Coastal Law School.

Brother Kohl Houghtaling '11 has been working for MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon for the past two academic years and will continue for the duration of his undergraduate curriculum here at MSU.

Brother Andrew Thompson '10 was elected the EN Archon this past December. Previously in the position of Hepititos he worked hard with the EN brothers to increase both communication with alumni and gain more of their support. This began with organizing a memorable 2008 Homecoming weekend. Extending the weekend to include an Alumni Meet & Greet the Friday evening before Saturday 's tailgate held at the chapter house along with the inaugural Alumni Golf Outing on Sunday the weekend proved a great success.

Many alumni were pleased with all of the improvements and refurbishment done by previous house manager Cecil Queen '09.

Brother Joshua Carlisle '10 took charge in organizing the Great Lakes Founder's Day on the Detroit Princess riverboat, inviting brothers from all over the Great Lakes region. He also worked closely with the Executive Council to plan a Spring Open House at the chapter house for family members, alumni, and surrounding members of the community.

Brother Nick Singh '09 placed 2nd in the 2nd Annual MSU Entrepreneurship Association Competition.

Our Annual Homecoming activities and Alumni Golf Outing were held the weekend of Friday October 16th, 2009.

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GAMMA TAU, Georgia Institute of Technology (1970)

This year, Gamma Tau bent their will towards both ends of time; to the renewed contact with our alumni, and continued growth of our chapter. To that effect, we had an enormously successful rush, with the fall rush yielding us eleven new brothers and three honorary brothers. Our spring rush, low-key as it was, still yielded us five pledges who we look forward to knowing.

In the fall, we had amazing alumni turnout for our homecoming tailgate, with alumni from as far back as the seventies showing up to see just what we were up to.

Our spring alumni weekend saw through another smashing chili cook-off, and further deepening of the bonds between us and the alumni. We eagerly anticipate our chapter's upcoming fortieth anniversary, and hope to see even more alumni then!

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CHI DELTA, Duke University (1973)

This year, the Chi Delta's activities focused heavily on community service, as we organized several large fraternity-wide events as well as encouraging our members to engage in their own community service projects. The Community Service chair also worked in collaboration with the Programming Chair for projects geared specifically at the Duke Community.

The Chi Delta also took advantage of opportunities to engage in conversation with faculty at Duke, organizing and attending multiple "Faculty Lunches”, talks with various faculty on Duke's campus over lunch or dinner. We organized a Faculty Lunch with a philosophy professor, and one brother attended one with a creative writing professor and a visiting author. We also organized our annual event, "Plato's Garden”, inviting professors to a Mediterranean-style picnic in the Duke Gardens, a large success among students and faculty alike.

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EPSILON IOTA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1982)

We have maintained a GPA of 3.19 over the past year.

Our Founder's Day celebration was hugely successful. The undergrads put on a song and dance comedy skit that brought in about $5,600 in donations to be used for house repairs.

Steve Malinski '09 was inducted into the Phalanx Society which is a society to recognize those Rensselaer students who have distinguished themselves among their peers in the areas of leadership, service, and devotion to the alma mater. It has only had 1400 members since its inception in 1912. He has also been recognized by Who's Who, an organization that nationally recognizes outstanding campus leaders.

Nickie Saylor '11 was accepted to a Nuclear Physics summer fellowship at the Hampton University Graduate School in cooperation with the Jefferson National Laboratory.

Olga Gisin '09 is the Secretary and Co-Founder for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organisation of Troy.

Elisabeth Gallant '09 is the Vice President of the Vegan/Vegetarian Club. She was also on the Dean's List.

Jeffery Amos '10 was on the Dean's List.

Lauren Cassidy '12 is the Secretary of RPI's Aikido Club Steven Malinski '09 is Pep Band's Assistant Conductor.

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PHI DELTA, University of Mary Washington (1996)

The Phi Delta chapter co-sponsored a late night event on campus with local sorority Alpha Mu Sigma, which was a great hit and nearly a quarter of the campus showed up to a previously very unpopular event.

The Phi Delta Chapter also co-sponsored "Fight Night”, the UMW boxing clubs annual fighting exposition, helping with planning and advertising.

As a chapter we also planned a week long community service trip to New Orleans that was to take place after finals to do Hurricane Katrina rebuilding, unfortunately because of a last minute booking change on the vendors' end the trip had to be cancelled.

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LAMBDA SIGMA, Pepperdine University (1998)

During Homecoming, we had our largest Alumni turnout yet. We had about 40 alumni come out, and considering our small size this was amazing. We also were involved with starting a school wide, all-Greek philanthropic event to benefit the Heifer International Charity.

Lucas Hori '10, our Judicial Chair, received the Psi Upsilon Foundation scholarship grant. Chris Franco '11 helped organize Pepperdine's first annual run/walk for cancer, a 24-hour walkathon.

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ALPHA OMICRON, New Jersey Institute of Technology (1999)

Many brothers of the Alpha Omicron chapter promote being active on campus. Carlo Togonon '09 and Alvin Togonon '09 were on the executive board of NJIT's Filipino Student Association.

Carlo also worked on the executive board of NJIT's Student Activities Council and helped run events. Angel Figueroa '10 was elected NJIT's Inter-Fraternity and Sorority Council president.

Eric Bacchus '10 is a member of Tau Beta Sigma, a Mechanical Engineering Honor Society.
Robert Kim's '09 Hookah business is thriving and is a big hang out spot for students from both Rutgers-Newark and NJIT.

Justin Puizina '10 has enlisted in the Air Force.

Angel Figueroa '10 also visited other chapters such as Epsilon Iota (RPI), Lambda (Columbia), and Eta (Lehigh).

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SIGMA PHI, St. Francis University (2007)

Another memorable event was our version of homecoming and senior awards banquet, properly entitled, the 1st "Last Supper” meal. Since it is held in the spring, throughout the course of the year data is collected on levels of participation and dedication of each brother to the chapter. Following a meal, certificates and awards were presented in appreciation to every senior for their hard work as well as other outstanding brothers who had worked very hard for the good of the fraternity during the year. Alumni were invited to return to celebrate the chapter's accomplishments and congratulate those brothers receiving awards. These events fostered wonderful community and alumni relations as well as helping us to truly bond as a chapter.

Dean's List recipients: Jared Cowan '11, Anthony Dzikowski '12, Theodore Jagielski '11, James Ondesko '11, Benjamin Shankel '12, Benjamin Waksmunski '09, Brendan Cullen-Doyle '11, Nathan Frye'10 , Shawn Lehman '10, Kurt Sedei '10, and Adam Tercek '11

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DELTA NU, Keene State College (2009)

One of our greatest chapter achievements this year was winning most community service hours. The Delta Nu chapter completed over 300 hours of community service doing events throughout campus and at our philanthropy: the community kitchen of Keene. We received an award from the Keene State College president at a dinner last Wednesday, the 29th.

The Delta Nu Chapter also received the most positions for next year's Keene State College Inter-fraternity Council Board. We not only gained positions on this judicial board, but also our school's student government judicial board.

We now have more officer positions at Keene State College than any other Greek organization on campus. We plan to make great achievements through this, such as changing recruitment for next year, instilling Keene State College's Greek tutors for students, and much more.

Some individual achievements of the Delta Nu Chapter were the numerous positions won on our college's IFC and student government board. Kelly Nilsson '10, Cara Bedore '11, Shannon Aubin '10, Zach Sauicer'10, and Daniel Kuhn '11 are all now proudly officers in either IFC, student government or both.

Angelo Liberatore '09 was nominated for outstanding leadership on campus for his endless work as Intrafraternal Council President this past year.

EJ Albin '09, Shannon Aubin '10, Derek Rudzinski '09, and Nicole Tikkanean '09 are all who made the Dean's List. Shannon Aubin '10 is a 2009-2010 Psi Upsilon Scholarship recipient.

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Christopher Newport University Colony

In early April, the Christopher Newport University Colony participated in our school's Relay For Life Fundraiser. It was our first event with the greater Greek community and student body and was a huge success. We raised 150% more per member than the average male Greek and were 3rd among all Fraternities. All of our 12 team members showed up throughout the night and we had a blast. Our own Mike Lopez participated in the "Miss Relay” pageant as Michelle and placed 2nd of all the 83 eligible teams at the Relay! Mike, Reed Ruddy, and Christopher Blades were key in making our philanthropic entrance a memorable one. By combining "Michelle”'s tips with the donations of our brothers and contributors, we raised a grand total of $753.26!

1st Angelos Paul Kerley organized the Psi Upsilon Relay for Life team.

Thesauristes Benjamin Gittinger, was recently elected Master of Rituals of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity.

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