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Psi Upsilon Fraternity



Psi Upsilon announces its recolonization efforts at our historic chapter at the University of Michigan!

We are looking to rebuild the chapter with men of excellence. This recolonization is a re-founding of the chapter to achieve the values it was created for. We are looking for men with moral leadership, responsible social conduct, a desire for service to society and intellectual engagement, all while establishing a lifelong friendship.

The University of Michigan is filled with traditions, each unique and special.

Michigan Traditions

Football Saturdays
The Diag (and don't step on the M)
Painting the Rock
The Victors
Spinning the Cube

Psi Upsilon Fraternity has been a Michigan tradition since 1865.

Psi Upsilon Traditions at Michigan

1000 Hill Street


Prestigious Michigan Leaders

James B. Angell, former UM president; Charles Mills Gayley, author of "The Yellow and the Blue": and Francis Kelsey, president of the Archaeology Institute of America and Kelsey Museum namesake.

Distinguished Alumni:

(From left) P. Anthony Ridder, Chairman and CEO of Knight-Ridder; William C. Ford, Vice Chairman of Ford Motor Co., Owner of the Detroit Lions; Tony Fadell, Designer of the iPod

Anthony Ridder Wm Clay FordTony Fiddel

Firm and enduring friendship that lasts a lifetime

Phi alumni

The Phi of Psi Upsilon

Founded in 1865, the Phi chapter of Psi Upsilon has over a 150 years of tradition making it one of the most prestigious fraternities at the University of Michigan. The chapter house, located at 1000 Hill Street, is a historic building designed by Albert Kahn - architect of many of the classic buildings at the University of Michigan including the Burton Memorial Tower, Hill Auditorium, the Hatcher Graduate Library, and William L. Clements Library.

Psi Upsilon brothers share similar ideals, hopes and purposes bonded by deep friendship and mutual understanding of lifetime friendships. Fostering high standards, each member embodies timeless ideals, aims, and principles. Each aspires to make a significant contribution to their university, to their fraternity, to their communities and to their country; to adopt and fulfill significant life goals; and to achieve the highest moral, intellectual, and social excellence.

How to Join

Now you can be part of the great Psi Upsilon tradition at the University of Michigan. Psi Upsilon is looking for men who fulfill values of scholarship and integrity. In addition, he should demonstrate service, leadership, citizenship, and be goal-oriented. In taking part in this effort,you will build skills such as organization management, leadership, communication skills, and event planning.


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Information sessions will be held at the Michigan League at 6:00 pm:
October 5
October 6
October 10
October 13
Homecoming Weekend - October 21st-23rd

To learn more and set up a meeting, contact Chapter Leadership Consultant                 Dominic House at  or call 317-571-1833 ext 104.