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Chapter Standards

Historically Psi Upsilon has been of incalculable value to undergraduates in gaining maximum benefit from their educational experiences. Wishing to maintain its traditional position of leadership, Psi Upsilon Fraternity believes it timely each year, because of the wide variation of performance among its chapters, to reissue a set of standards as guidelines of operation for those chapters which seek to strengthen the performance expected of them in order to qualify as outstanding units in our great Fraternity. Many of our chapters are practicing such standards at the present time, and they represent the strongest links in our chain.

  • Scholarship and Academic Standing: In order that a chapter of Psi Upsilon may assume its proper role, it is necessary that the academic standing of the chapter be above the all-college average and that it rank academically not below the mean in the standing of all fraternities located on its campus. Our chapters should take whatever steps are necessary to improve the academic standing of those members whose averages are among the lowest l5% of its membership. Its rushing activities should be guided in large part by the scholarship standing of its rush list. A committee composed of both alumni and undergraduates to supervise the academic climate of a chapter is recommended. As the attainment of high scholarship standing is highly respected and admired, Psi Upsilon should be a leader in this phase of college life.

  • Library: Each chapter in Psi Upsilon should set up and maintain a library, which may be defined as a room, or a part of a room, which contains the Annals of Psi Upsilon and chapter records, as appropriate.

  • Rushing: Rushing is our membership recruitment campaign. Like any successful sales effort it requires careful planning and well organized preparation. It calls for the united efforts of the entire chapter, acting under the leadership of the rushing chairman and the rushing committee, and with the active cooperation of the chapter alumni organization. Those chapters located in metropolitan areas have real need of intensive rushing support by their alumni from outside the city, to get members who will live in the house. It is the responsibility of all chapters to acknowledge promptly every recommendation from an alumnus, with an assurance that the prospect will be followed up personally.

    In addition to the entire chapter, the rushing chairman and the rushing committee should be particularly well prepared in matters of Psi U history, tradition, and distinguished membership. They should be aided by well conceived and executed printed material which presents the strongest possible case for Psi Upsilon. Competition is intense and can only be met by superior effort and material.

    Rushing plans should use as guidelines the principles set forth in the Psi Upsilon Chapter Standards and should contribute in every way possible to the firm establishment of the standards in our chapter life. Generally the rushing effort focuses only on those individuals who indicate a definite desire for fraternity membership and who give ample evidence of their intention and ability to stay with their college education until graduation.

    Our rushing results should be in line with the chapter's obligations to the policies of its college, to its own chapter membership, and to the Fraternity as a whole.

  • Pledge Class: This Fraternity stands four-square in opposition to hazing in any form or under any circumstances. It stands for a complete education of the pledges on the standards and ideals of Psi Upsilon, its traditions, its history, its songs, and its membership rolls. It believes that pledges should be thoroughly indoctrinated in the meaning of Psi Upsilon life, as outlined in our formal pledge ceremony, including the lifelong tenure of its members, and what is expected of them as members. They should be inspired to understand that they will get out of Psi Upsilon in direct proportion to what they put into it.

  • Chapter Size: For a member of Psi Upsilon to achieve the maximum benefit from a four-year college career, it is essential to be intimately associated with a group of brothers sufficiently large to represent a wide variety of activities, accomplishments and points of view. This is of incalculable value in developing a well-rounded person.

    The number should be large enough to permit participation by the chapter in all activities of the college or university and to provide a sound economic base for the operation of the chapter, without subjecting it to undue financial strain.

  • Finances: Sound finances are necessary for the successful operation of any chapter and are the outward manifestation of able management.

    The chapter officers, working in concert with the chapter alumni officers, should prepare, and the chapter should operate under, a well constructed and realistic budget, which should be in good health at the end of each academic year. This is just good business. With freedom from economic concern, the chapter can devote more of its energies to other constructive pursuits. Close and continuous scrutiny of chapter finances should be carried on by chapter and alumni officers and is an absolute necessity; a number of colleges and universities cooperate in this regard. Good habits of regulating finances, formed at this time, will stand the brothers in good stead in the years ahead.

    In the case of a number of our chapters, the rent and board payable by our undergraduate members are collected by the college fiscal officers and certain bills paid by them. Regular monthly audits are made by the college authorities. This procedure has worked well, and it is recommended that it be adopted wherever practicable. It provides an essential check on delinquent accounts, which should not be tolerated under any circumstances. They impose a grossly unfair burden upon the brothers who are current with their obligations. Delinquent accounts should be assessed severe penalties and continued delinquency dealt with drastically, according to the merits of each individual case.

  • Conduct: Psi Upsilon believes that the practice of impeccable behavior and deportment is incumbent upon it members. Our chapters must accept the responsibility for the conduct of their members as an obligation assumed by any association of people.

    Psi Upsilon is committed to the training of its members in the art and practice of living together culturally and socially in harmony, and in the assumption of as much responsibility as can be carried with dignity and success. This training supplies a supplement to the scholastic objectives and curricular aim of the college or university, and supplies the experience from which the leaders of the future emerge.

    It is needless to say that all our members should abide by the requirements of social conduct established by their respective colleges and universities. As fraternities must create for themselves a favorable image in the minds of the public, the college administration, alumni, parents of students, and the student body generally, it follows that too much care cannot be taken in the practice of excellent behavior patterns at all times.

  • Initiation: Psi Upsilon believes that each pledge deserves an unforgettable initiation into our Fraternity. This requires a solemn, spiritual, dignified ceremony, conducted in a confident and able manner - well rehearsed - in line with the finest traditions of Psi Upsilon initiations. Unusual care and preparation should be taken by the chapter to see that the whole initiation program is most impressive to the pledge from the first part of the ceremonies to the conclusion banquet speakers. The initiates should take part in the program and state their reasons for joining Psi Upsilon, what they hope to get out of it, and what they expect to put into it. They should be given to understand that they have undertaken a lifetime obligation from which there is no turning back, and that this association offers them inspirational and lifelong friendships.

  • Inter-Chapter Visits: Inter-chapter visits, especially between chapters in the same region, shall be encouraged, particularly at times of initiation, for regular meetings, and on other special occasions, to the end that each chapter may learn from the others and that the best Fraternity traditions thereby may be fostered and maintained.

  • Inactives: This Fraternity is strenuously opposed to its members becoming inactive while undergraduates. It believes such status should be reserved only for dire emergencies and then only by application to the entire chapter membership, according to the Constitution, followed by a full vote of the chapter after serious consideration of the reasons given.

  • Responsibilities: We know of no better means for the full utilization and enjoyment of Psi Upsilon Fraternity life to be exercised by our members than by the close unity made possible through living together, where college rules or customs do not dictate otherwise. We expect upperclassmen to fulfill their obligations to the younger brothers in Psi Upsilon through their leadership, whether all living together or not.

    No member of Psi Upsilon can resign from this Fraternity or separate from it. A brother joins Psi Upsilon for life. The only exceptions are members who are expelled by Constitutional means after a presentation of charges.

  • Meetings: It is recommended that regular meetings of the chapter be held each week, with full attendance required. Literary meetings should be held periodically. Articles for literary meetings may be secured from the Fraternity Office. Meetings should be conducted with full ritual and in accordance with the best of our traditions.

    Special programs should be planned for initiation and commencement meetings.

    A format for conducting business at chapter meetings should be established along the guidelines set forth in Robert's Rules of Order. Further, a committee system, both appointed and voluntary, for research into, the conduct of, and the implementation of chapter business should be adopted to supplement officer activity and to afford an opportunity for each brother to participate in chapter operations.

  • Physical Condition of the House: Our houses should be kept in orderly condition at all times. If present methods do not produce this result, we advocate an agreement with the college authorities to have them take over supervision of house help, with frequent inspections to bring this condition into being and to maintain it. A clean, orderly house reflects good management, sound thinking, and good health. It establishes a tone for the chapter. A full size chapter provides funds for ample efficient hired services. Some few of our chapter houses are maintained as well as a first class club. Anything less should not be tolerated.

  • College Administration and Faculty Relations: It is essential that close liaison be established between our undergraduate and alumni officers and the proper college authorities. A procedure of regular monthly meetings will help to create a climate of mutual respect and assistance. Such a plan of activity will enable the chapter and its alumni to keep abreast of, and in step with, the plans, desires and policies of the college administration.

    It is obvious that such a demonstration of positive interest by the chapter will go far toward cementing this vital relationship with the college authorities and further enhance our image as a strong adjunct of college affairs.

    Dignified social contact with faculty members is also highly desirable.

  • Participation in College Activities: College officials expect and urge all students to participate in extracurricular activities on the campus.

    It should be a firm policy of each chapter to have its members take a leading part in as many different fields as possible. Individually each member of the chapter has certain special talents which should be utilized. With this important aspect of college life in mind, special aptitudes should be considered in weighing pledge prospects.

    Psi Upsilon chapters should strive to assume a leading position in inter-fraternity relations. At a minimum, each chapter should be actively represented on its Interfraternity Council or the equivalent. In addition, a spirit of friendly cooperation should prevail between the chapters of Psi Upsilon and the chapters of other fraternities on their respective campuses. Chapter leadership should stress to all brothers that Psi Upsilon's strength depends in large part on the strength of the fraternity system as a whole.

  • Community Relations: Each chapter of Psi Upsilon is a part of the community in which it is located. Accordingly, the brothers of each chapter should seek opportunities to initiate and support civic, cultural, and philanthropic activities in their communities.

  • Chapter Advisors: It is recommended that there be two advisors for each chapter - one from the faculty or administration, available for frequent consultation and regular chapter house visits, and one from the alumni for advice and assistance.

  • Aims and Goals of Chapter Members: Our chapters are primarily in the business of "growing people" and should provide the environment necessary for healthy growth. Their climate should be such that each member is assisted in maturing into a finished product. This cannot be accomplished without practicing the full and best meaning of brotherhood. It is not sufficient simply to profess it.

    A well organized chapter is a pleasant and satisfying place to live. It is the incubator of close and enduring friendships for college days and later life. It can supply the support and encouragement needed by every person. It can provide immeasurable assistance to each brother in the fulfillment of life's goals and ambitions. Each brother should also come to realize that responsibility to the chapter does not end upon graduation. As an alumnus each brother continues to have a vested interest in the chapter.

    We believe wholeheartedly in responsible citizenship and campus leadership.

Adopted at 121st Convention in 1963
Amended at 122nd Convention in 1964
Amended at 130th Convention in 1973
Amended at 131st Convention in 1974
Amended at 132nd Convention in 1975
Amended at 133rd Convention in 1976
Amended at 134th Convention in 1977
Amended at 136th Convention in 1979
Amended at 137th Convention in 1980
Amended at 141st Convention in 1984

General Resolution Number 14 adopted by the 136th Convention in 1979: That the Psi Upsilon Chapter Standards shall be reviewed at the first meeting of undergraduate members and the first meeting of pledges each term, and that they shall be posted in the chapter house for general reference.

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