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Theta Pi Provisional Chapter
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At its meeting held on March 1, 2014, the Executive Council, assured that the provisional chapter had met the requirements for chapter acceptance, unanimously supported the request to submit the Theta Pi provisional’s petition to the chapters with the recommendation that it be approved.

Article IV of the Constitution provides for the establishment of chapters as follows:

Section 3.  Approval from three-quarters of the active chapters shall be necessary for the establishment of a new chapter of this Fraternity.  When the Executive Council believes that a provisional chapter has met the guidelines for establishing a new chapter, it shall instruct the chief executive officer to prepare a report and recommendation and mail same to each chapter’s active membership and to the governing body of the alumni association or corporation.  Within twenty days of such mailing, each body shall transmit to the chief executive officer at the International Office of the Fraternity its approval or disapproval in writing. Approval of a chapter shall occur under any of the following conditions:


(a)  Two-thirds of the active membership and two-thirds of the governing body of the alumni association or corporation vote in favor of the proposal; or


(b)  Two-thirds of either body votes in favor of the proposal, and the other body does not respond within twenty days of the date of the mailing concerning the proposed establishment of the new  chapter; or


(c) Neither body responds to the proposal within twenty days of the date of the mailing concerning the establishment of the new chapter.

Section 4. 
Upon the chief executive officer receiving approval from three-fourths of the active chapters for establishing a new chapter, it shall be the duty of the Executive Council to prepare an exact copy of  the Constitution and an official certification of the vote of  the chapters, and with these documents to proceed immediately in person, if possible, or, if not, to direct some chapter to appoint a committee to meet the pledges immediately and to initiate them into the new chapter with the usual ceremonies of initiation, by which they shall be invested with all the rights of a chapter.

A copy of the Theta Pi Provisional Chapter's petition can be downloaded here. Hard copies were also sent to each alumni corporation president as well as each undergraduate president.

You can also find more information about the Provisional Chapter at their website here.

You can find more information about Georgia State University here.

Each undergraduate chapter and alumni organization is requested to hold a meeting or to poll its members, if an undergraduate body, or your board, if an alumni organization, on the proposal of the Theta Pi provisional chapter’s admission to Psi Upsilon.  

Responses must be received no later than April 17, 2014, in order to meet the requirements of the Psi Upsilon Constitution.  If the admission is approved, the installation of the new Theta Pi Chapter will be held in the fall in Atlanta, GA.  All chapters will be provided with full details about this momentous event and will be invited to send representatives to the ceremonies.

Alumni Association Presidents and Undergraduate Chapter Presidents can submit their ballots using the link below.

Official Ballot

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