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Psi Upsilon Today, August 2015
The Beloit Mindset List


Most of this fall's entering college students were born in 1997 and that means they have never licked a postage stamp. This and other insights can be found in the Beloit College Mindset List for the class of 2019.

This annual list provides a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall. Take a look at this year's list.
Tony Fadell, Phi '91 Fixes Problems No One Sees
Tony Fadell
Tony Fadell, Phi '91 (Michigan)
Tony Fadell, Phi '91 (Michigan) lead the Apple design team that developed the iPod, which rejuvenated Apple, rebooted entire industries and changed the way the world consumes entertainment.

He then brought the world the Nest thermostat which is changing the way the world consumes (or saves) energy.

In this TED Talk, Tony describes how to fix the problems no one sees. Watch Tony Fadell's TED Talk.

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Sam Worth, Zeta '13 Cycles for Nepal Earthquake Victims
Sam Worth

Last spring Sam Worth, Zeta '13 (Dartmouth) set out on a solo-cycling journey from Singapore through Southeast Asia toward the Himalayas. After the earthquakes hit Nepal, Sam's plans changed. He tried to volunteer with several relief organizations, but none that Sam reached out to were taking volunteers.

So Sam dedicated the last leg of the journey, biking 1,000 kilometers to Bangkok, to Nepal relief. He partnered with Giving Asha and Eutai Mala Nepali to raise funds to rebuild a school destroyed by the earthquake.

Read about Sam's amazing trip.

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Luke Grill, Epsilon Nu '06 Prepares Handcrafted Comfort Food
Public Those attending the cookout hosted by the Epsilon Nu at last summer's Convention in East Lansing enjoyed a great deal more than burgers and hot dogs. They got great food catered by Luke Grill, Epsilon Nu '06.

Luke's restaurant, Public, specializes in "handcrafted comfort food" and embraces some novel house rules and thoughts to ponder like "why didn't Noah swat those mosquitos?"

Learn more about Luke Grill's restaurant.

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Zack Zlevor, Omicron '18 Bikes Across U.S. for Cancer Research
Zack Zlevor
Zack Zlevor, Omicron '18
Zack Zlevor, Omicron '18 (University of Illinois), spent his summer riding across the United States with the Illini 4000.

This non-profit group raises funds for cancer research and patient support services, as well as spreading awareness for the fight against cancer through annual cross-country bike rides

With 27 other students, Zack traveled over 3,000 miles, from New York City to San Francisco. Learn more about the Illini 4000

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Do you live for college football?
Pick'em Classes have started on many campuses and that means it's time for college football. You can get in the game by joining the Psi Upsilon group in ESPN College Pick'em.

Here's how it works: Every week throughout the college football season, ESPN selects 10 evenly matched games. It's then up to you to do your research (or not) and select the winners of these games.

Join the group and play against brothers every week! At the end of the season there will be a prize for the brother who does the best.

Set up your College Pick'em account now.

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In Memoriam

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