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171st Convention Registration


There are multiple ways to register for the Convention, please look over each one and make sure you are registering the correct way.

Official Undergraduate Delegate Registration

Each chapter, by paying the Chapter Services Fee, has the Registration Fee and hotel room paid for its 2 official delegates. Every chapter must have paid the Chapter Services Fee and can only register 2 delegates this way. Any additional undergraduate delegates must be registered as "Additional Undergraduate Delegates". Official Undergraduate Delegates also cannot be alumni, and must be members of the Undergraduate Chapter during the 2014-15 academic year.

Additional Undergraduate Delegate Registration

This is any undergraduate delegate in excess of the chapter's 2 official delegates or for any chapter that has failed to pay its Chapter Services Fee. This does not include hotel room and that needs to be handled by the individuals.

Alumnus Registration

This is the registration page for any alumni, whether you are the chapter's delegate or not. You can register your spouse and family as well using this link. Spouse and family registration includes the Cookout at the Eta on Friday, Community Service event and celebration on Saturday, Scholarship Luncheon and Awards Banquet on Sunday.

Single Event Registration

This is an a la carte registration if you cannot make the entire Convention, and only covers what you are signing up for. The single event registration event does not including any business sessions including the Opening Session on Friday, Committee Meetings, and Closing Session on Sunday. The only way to register for these events is to sign up for the entire Convention.

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