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Annual Communication

The Annual Communication

of the

Executive Council

to the

169th Psi Upsilon Convention

Hartford Hilton Hotel

Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut's Charter Oak, an integral part of Connecticut's heritage and existence, forms the central image in the 169th Convention logo. If not for the famed Charter Oak, Connecticut and this country in general, might be a very different place today.

If not for the Xi and Beta Beta chapters, Psi Upsilon might be a very different fraternity.

The Xi chapter is responsible a great number of the most popular songs of Psi Upsilon including:

After the Battle Calvin Harrington, Xi 1852

Dear Old Shrine Calvin Harrington, Xi 1852

Psi U Joys Levi O. Kuhns, Xi 1885

Ever-Lovely Maiden George W. Elliot, Xi 1873

Come Brothers for a Song Edward A. Sumner, Xi 1878

Karl Harrington, Xi 1882, editor of the Songs of Psi Upsilon and author of the chapter on the songbook in The Annals of Psi Upsilon, observed that the Psi U songbook is not only the first fraternity songbook published but is likely to be the first college songbook published as well.

Xi alumni include Edward B. Fiske, Xi '59, the founder and editor of the Fiske Guide to Colleges. He is a former education editor of The New York Times who is known around the world for his writing on topics ranging from trends in American higher education to primary school reform in Southeast Asia, New Zealand and South Africa.

While Charles Brackett, Xi 1915 was a four-time Oscar winner and a president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Michael Bay, Xi '86, still seeks that honor. Considered among the elite action filmmakers of our day, Brother Bay included Psi Upsilon in his film Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen.

Distinguished Beta Beta alumni include Dr. Edward M. Gallaudet, Beta Beta '56 the first superintendent of Gallaudet College, named for his father Thomas. Gallaudet was the world's first university with programs and services specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students.

Students of the Civil War will recognize the name of Brigadier General Strong Vincent, Beta Beta '58 who fell at Gettysburg, but not before giving Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain the order to defend Little Round Top.

Psi U's contributed greatly to the leadership of Trinity, past and present. Albert C. Jacobs, Phi 1921, a president of the Executive Council, served Trinity as its 14th president from 1953-68.
The Albert C. Jacobs Life Sciences Center on Trinity's campus is named in his memory. Paul E. Raether, Beta Beta '68 is currently chair of Trinity's board of trustees. Edward C. Rorer, Beta Beta '65 serves as one of those trustees.

A benefactor of Trinity and Dartmouth College, Brother Raether earned his MBA at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, where he is a member of its board of overseers. The Raether Library and Information Technology Center at Trinity and Raether Hall at Dartmouth stand as evidence of his generosity, generosity that also extends to his support of the Beta Beta and The Psi Upsilon Foundation.

Psi Upsilon's Constitution requires each chapter to prepare a full report of its activities for the year. Those reports reveal 11,180 hours dedicated to community service and $95,489.97 in philanthropic dollars raised. While that is a remarkable achievement, those are just numbers. To understand their true meaning, read the reports from the chapters to see how our members make real Psi U's commitment to moral, intellectual and social excellence.

This year the Epsilon Iota celebrated its 30th anniversary as a chapter of Psi Upsilon Fraternity and the Delta Nu celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding as Delta Nu Psi.

More than 150 members and guests attended the Epsilon Iota's banquet where it was announced the chapter has chosen to remember Forrest G. Weeks, Tau '52 – EI '396H with a Psi Upsilon Foundation scholarship in his memory. Brother Weeks, an honorary life member of the Executive Council and past president of the Foundation, was the guiding light to the chapter in its early days.

Progress has been made toward the reactivation of the Rho and our group at Georgia State University reached provisional chapter status. Over the next year preliminary steps will be taken to reactivate the Gamma and Upsilon chapters. We stand ready to reactivate the Phi Beta as soon as conditions at the College of William and Mary are favorable and we will continue to seek additional campuses where we can establish chapters.

In the past year the Executive Council reviewed all aspects of our risk management policy including compliance and enforcement. Our executive director, Mark Williams, Phi '76, will present a report on that review at the Leadership Institute.

During the year we have received no new claims or litigation against the Fraternity or any of our chapters; however, our premiums remain higher than they should because of claims in prior years. Sound risk management practices must be the highest priority for our chapters and the events they sponsor.

We remain indebted to the members of the Executive Council for their hard work and generosity. They serve without compensation or reimbursement. Indeed as leaders of the Fraternity they are expected to be examples to others in their financial support of Psi Upsilon.


Thomas T. Allan IV, Theta Theta '89, vice president

Bradley R. Corner, Omicron '72, secretary

Evan W. Terry, Epsilon Phi '93, treasurer

Alumni Term Members

Lew Finkelstein, Omicron '83

Patrick Gilrane, Psi '83

Laura E. King, Chi Delta '04

Jeremy McKeon, Eta '08

Charles A. Werner, Omega '55

William N. Wishard III, Delta Delta '64

Life Members (Past presidents)

Mark D. Bauer, Omega '83

David A. B. Brown, Epsilon Phi '66

Charles M. Hall, Nu Alpha '71

Richard A. Rasmussen, Upsilon '72

Honorary Life Members

John E. Becker II, Psi '61

Murray L. Eskenazi, Lambda '56

Robert L. Kaiser, Zeta '39

We wish to acknowledge undergraduate term members Michael Siciliano, Eta '12 and Chris Kizer, Chi Delta '12, who served admirably during the year.

I want to thank the officers and directors of the Psi Upsilon Foundation for supporting the mission of Psi Upsilon Fraternity. The Foundation's success is reflected this year in our Leadership Institute where we have doubled the hours of educational programming presented. Topics for the undergraduates include living Psi Upsilon's values and confronting behaviors that undermine those values. Our alumni track is focused on programming designed to enhance the ability of our chapter corporations to support the undergraduate chapters.

Inspired by a challenge from Tom Poor, Gamma '65, the Foundation scholarship in memory of his father Henry Poor, Gamma '39, raised additional funds to enable it to make substantial scholarship grants in Henry's name for many years to come.

Events for alumni in Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta and Florida reveal a great deal of enthusiasm for Psi U among our alumni. The prime movers behind those events are Samuel J. Tinaglia, Omega '88; Martin Brayboy, Gamma '84, Patrick Gilrane, Psi '83, Alex Senchak, Eta '06 and Tim Zepp, Chi Delta ’08.

We express our appreciation to the officers and directors of the Psi Upsilon Foundation.


Samuel J. Tinaglia, Omega '88, president

J. Martin Brayboy, Gamma '84; vice president

Tim Zepp, Chi Delta '08; secretary

Robert Petersen, Omicron '68 treasurer


Mathew Carter, Tau '07;

Jessica A. Frame, Gamma Tau '07

Patrick Gilrane, Psi '83;

George Howell, Eta '55;

Alexander C. Senchak, Eta '06

Life Member

Robert L. Kaiser, Zeta '39

We too often take for granted the high regard with which our staff is held among their professional peers. Our executive director, Mark Williams, is a past president of the Fraternity Executives Association. Among of the 29 member fraternities of our captive insurance company, FRMT, Ltd., Mark is one of only two fraternity executives elected to the board of directors, where he chairs its audit committee. Mark is also chairman of the Institute for Greek Advancement, an annual meeting of the top fundraisers in the fraternity world.

As associate executive director, Tom Fox is primarily responsible for interacting with the chapters. During the 2011-12 academic year, Psi Upsilon's professional staff made 70 chapter visits to our 28 chapters and expansion groups. Eight chapters conducted Commitment to Excellence retreats where a chapter engages in goal setting, program development, and self-assessment derived from values-based outcomes. Seven chapters received four or more chapter visits resulting in two undergoing chapter reorganizations.

Assisting Tom this past year was Matt Miller, Phi Nu '11 who has left the staff for active duty in the U.S. Army. Hassan Abdelhalim, Phi Delta '10 joined the staff in June as a chapter leadership consultant.

Anna Kancs, Delta Zeta, recently joined the International Office staff as director of communications. Working for a design firm in Indianapolis, Anna created logos for the most recent Conventions and provided layout and design work for several chapter newsletters. In recent years financial limitations prevented us from publishing the Diamond, a fact we deeply regret. This year we plan to publish the Diamond again in print and in digital form as well as enhance Psi Upsilon's social media presence.

Mariann Williams, Alpha Delta Pi, is the driving force behind Psi Upsilon's fund raising at all levels. She is responsible for our annual, planned and major giving programs and provides advice and support to chapter fund raising efforts. She manages all aspects of the Foundation's scholarship program and assists chapter corporations in their communications efforts. Her dedication and professionalism inspire all those who work with her.

We are gathered here under the auspices of the Xi and Beta Beta chapters to do the work of Psi Upsilon. You will work in committees to review the issues encountered in the past year and you will bring your unique talents and ideas to arrive at the best solutions for Psi Upsilon in the future. Those committees are: Awards, Budget and Development, New Business, Nominations and Credentials, and Unfinished Business.

When the Convention meets it is the only time when all of Psi Upsilon gathers in one place. We are here as undergraduates and alumni, chapters and chapter corporations, Fraternity and Foundation. There is work to do, lessons to be learned. Most importantly there is brotherhood to be shared.

Yours in the bonds,

James A. Swanke, Jr., Rho '80

President, Executive Council

June 22, 2012

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